Monday, June 23, 2008

DVD Cover Design

Lots of times if you can’t find your favorite DVD’s at the store, you choose judging by the cover. Some covers are simple, some are too fancy. With this tutorial you will learn how to make a colorful, full of live design with Adove Photoshop. Be careful what picture you will choose for the support. For me this one looks good.

Step 1

Open the image you decided to use. My picture is 350x259 pixels, so I will open new document 350x310 pixels. This will give me some free space at the top. You should do that too.

Notice the white space at the top.

Step 2

Now hold ctrl+click and select the two layers. Then Right Click and Merge Layers. Make a new layer, set your foreground to #8f9a32 and with your Rounded Rectangular Tool and make a rectangular, half on the with part, half on the picture. Set the opacity to 85%.

dd some text, like in the image or how ever you like.

Step 3

Do the same like before, but this time place the rectangular under the first one and fill it with #8a4e8a and set the opacity to 80%.

Step 4

Now the final part. In the white part at the top place the text and go to Layer->Layer Style->Drop Shadow.

The final result should be this.

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