Sunday, March 16, 2008

Michael Jackson: Dangerous

Regardless of what Michael has done to himself over the years there’s no doubt the dude can sing and dance. This cover for Dangerous is one of my favs and was also submitted by Elias of A+.

Designed and painted by Mark Ryden, again of Juxtapoz fame. It’s one that would have looked glorious as a 12 inch sleeve. You can look at this for hours and not see everything reviled only by Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club as one of the most intricate covers.

They released a special edition (before the word collectors had become popular) that folded out to become a diorama.

The closed cover was a masked version of the cover (see below)

This was well before Michael’s obsession with masks.

Album: Dangerous
Artist: Michael Jackson
Cover Artist: Mark Ryden
Record Label: Epic Records
Album Art, 90s, Art-based, Pop

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